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Lake Ann

About 20 miles northeast of Benzonia, you will find Lake Ann. A small resort town where you can spend the day on the golf course, or in town having ice cream.  There is a rich history and natural beauty within the town. The first pioneers of Almira Township came mostly from eastern New York State. These people were confronted in every public place in the East with advertisements telling of the great West. These ads all boast of how a large family could live and thrive and just how much 40 acres could produce. Hops were grown in Michigan about the time of the Civil War, but then declined with the infestation of the hop louse. People also drove to the West at the beginning of the Civil War in the hopes that their boys could remain home and care for their family. Almira Township was first platted and surveyed by government surveyors in about 1860 and it was in the next five years that people began moving here. Those who moved here had to live on the government-surveyed property for five years. If they “proved up” (as the attempt of living in this wilderness was called), they were given a government deed to their farm.  The first settlers in Almira were believed to be John and Alec Heather who came from Canada in 1862. The first family to make a house in Almira Township was the Burrell family.  Andrew Burrell and his wife, Almiral—the township’s namesake –lived on the North side of Sancrainte Creek. The next family was the Addison “A. P. Wheelock family who settled on Ann Lake, the lake being named “Ann” after his estimable wife.  A. P. Wheelock was an influential man. He spoke five different languages and, because of his unique ability, was given a position in Hannah Lay’s old store because many foreign people were settling in Traverse at this time. He left his family at the edge of Ann Lake to prove up on his homestead. Lake Ann is located just 12 miles west of Traverse City.

It's a charming and pleasant destination. Lake Ann is the home of Hang Over Hops Farm. It holds the perfect weather conditions to give you the best-grown hops possible.